The Pursuit of Potential

Let me start this blog by saying I’ve done the things I’m going to blog about. I do this because had I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have put myself through all the things I did..

Now most of can admit that we have gotten into relationships and even friendships at the spur of the moment because we saw something that had potential. The potential to GROW into something deeper. But what happens when the potential you saw was merely just an unplanted seed. It had not been out into an soil, watered, or put into the sun.

You cannot put everything that has potential in your soil. If you want a Biblical example read Luke 13:6-7. Every person that wants to be apart of your life is not intended to be apart of your circle or to be your girlfriend. Just because a person looks as if they have everything you want does not mean they are the your seed. I see too many people being deceived by packaging. Just because they look like “a bag of money” does not mean that they are rooted in the principles of saving and investing. Soil is symbolic of the character. It’s what we cannot see, so the next time you feel like someone has potential dive in to what you cannot see. You may find something you want to water and give some time and attention to 😉

Don’t use potential as an excuse to be completely blinded. It’s just like going to Coldstone and ordered whatever that cream ice cream is with fudge toppings and knowing you’re allergic to fudge. Watching load the fudge in then go home and cause all types of chaos because you weren’t paying attention to what you ordered. Don’t try to ignore signs, they are there. However, some are to detour you and others are to test how much faith you have in someone. Don’t lower your standards either, but y’all know how I feel about that.. (Where Do You Put Your Value?).

But before all of this.. Learn to LOVE YOU. The you that you have to live with when everybody else is not around. You were made beautiful the way you are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance “dark” areas. We all have some growing to do. But fall is the season of new beginnings.

Love you,

Cherise 🙂