What Do You Want?

Dear ladies, this blog post is not to tell you what to look for in guys, but to make sure what you want matches up with who you “link up” with. Let me give you a few examples:

A) Treats you with respect
B) Is not afraid to show you off or bring you around his friends as his girl
C) Trustworthy
D) Someone who can meet your parents
E) Driven
F) Goes to church or knows Jesus for himself
G) Handsome
H) Won’t try to change you
I) Will respect your morals and values
J) Gentleman

What You Accept:
A) Dogs you when he’s around his guys (b/c he tells them he’s not ready to commit but you’re already his girl)
B) He’s messing with other people and you know it; you just “really like this guy because he’s different”
C) He smokes, drinks, and parties like crazy to the point where you don’t even feel like he spends enough time with you
D) He doesn’t want to go to church w/ you when you offer b/c he’s too tired or the most famous line “he doesn’t want people judging him”
E) He outfit costs more than $1000 but he doesn’t have a job, isn’t investing in himself, and finds himself asking you for money frequently
F) When you’re driving and need gas he doesn’t get out and pump it for you nor does he hold the door?
G) He keeps saying he wants to have sex b/c he has needs and more importantly he wants to truly express how much love he has for you (so he continues to say I love you to butter you up) knowing you’re saving yourself for marriage
H) You start wearing different outfits not to look “cute” but to give him a visual of what he’s supposed to be waiting for.
I) You met the bros, but you haven’t met moms and its been quite a few months (you enter and go
Directly to his bedroom)
J) His bio on Instagram saying “He dogs hoes” or my pet peeve “Girls hmu if you tryna suck” but you’re his girl though. Or matter of fact y’all take tons of photos but you’re never on IG.

Now these scenarios are not to hinder you from relationships or to make you think all guys are dogs. But you don’t need to settle for that which you don’t want. You’re worth so much more. You don’t need to settle for a guy because he has on Pradas, has a lot of game, and is an athlete (who is going D1).

There are guys out here that really do appreciate young women and are really demonstrating the principles their parents/mentors/family taught them. No young man/guy is going to be perfect and you’re not either. There is nothing wrong with athletes, guys who dress well or have exquisite taste in clothing, or guys who want to wait to make sure you’re the one before you meet mommy. But you don’t need to settle for less than you deserve for the sake of having a relationship, posting photos n Instagram, and having someone to kick it with.

Ladies, please don’t forget you are a lady first and foremost. Watch what you do, say, and act because guys especially are watching. Trust that they put you into categories due to different impressions and how others perceive you. Wearing short dresses, skirts, twerking on the floor with random guys or on all fours, and talking to every guy that says “aye”. He won’t take you home and he won’t respect you unless you give him something to respect. Unless you set up boundaries that you won’t compromise on. You’re worth more baby girl

Love y’all,
Cherise 🙂