Walk as a QUEEN and your KING will come

How many twerking videos do you see on your Instagram feed a day? How many “expose videos” have you scrolled across in the last week? How many half naked pictures have you flicked through?

The idea of ladyhood is nearly extinct. Wearing clothes is out of style. And having a big behind is a headliner. I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I want to define me. I don’t want others to think of me as “the girl with the big behind”, “the thot”, “the freak”, etc. Sadly many of us are called these things behind closed doors and we don’t even know it. The guy who may be all up in your messages is dogging you to his friends because of the way you take your pictures on Instagram, your “going out” attire, and your red nosing skills. You know you’re worth more, but I mean who wants to take pictures on IG just smiling and not showing off every curve God gave you? But really, who wants to be the classy girl on the opposite side of the dance floor dancing with her girls instead of arousing a guy you barely know, right? Or better yet, who wants to be the girl who missed out on being at the room with all his boys even if you have to get crazy drunk and do things you never planned on doing?

A queen doesn’t need to take pictures with her behind popped out, wear super short dresses, or be at every party to be well respected, liked, or desirable. Why? Because her crown speaks for her. No I’m not speaking of a gold ring around her head or her Brazilian weave. Her crown is her intelligence, her inner and outer beauty, her grace, her confidence,her wisdom, her poise, her character, her love, her smile, her being. She doesn’t need to flaunt her features or show all her goods to the world. She doesn’t need every guy to know her name. She doesn’t need every girl to be jealous of her. She doesn’t need to get super dressed up at football games so she can get chose. She doesn’t even need to announce herself when she walks in. Her crown speaks for her.

Queens don’t need to settle for less. Yes, a queen may have lonely nights. But she doesn’t go pick out a pop up so she can stop her own progress. She doesn’t need to settle for someone who doesn’t meet half of her standards because he’s cute, has a car, can take you out, and y’all will take cute pictures on Instagram and Twitter. She doesn’t need to compromise her values so he can stay with her. She knows when to walk away. She doesn’t need to chase because she knows confidently that she deserves to be pursued.

Baby girl you are a QUEEN, the daughter of the most High King. It’s time for you to start walking in it. I challenge you to make a list of standards. A set of values and morals that you refuse to compromise on (yes there will be others that you may have to be a little lenient on). You deserve to be treated as a Queen not a side chick, a main, or backdoor girl. And don’t think that because you may have been a side chick etc that you no longer deserve to be a queen or be treated as one. I’ve been a side chick, but once I realized I was worth more than that, I got my act together and started refusing to be treated as anything less. (Proverbs 31). So get to know your worth – you’re priceless and unique.


Cherise 🙂