Stop Overthinking

ImageEver stayed up late thinking… “What if I’m not good enough for him or for anybody?” “What happens when we’re 10 hours away from each other?” “What if people don’t show up?” “What if I choose the wrong school?” “I don’t think I’m that pretty anymore” “I gained way too much weight”. This blog is for you.

“So there’s this guy…” Lol (Typical guy story starter). I’ve know him since 2nd grade but of course I had no interest because I was too busy CHASING (key word) other people. We reconnected at an event. I wound up needing a prom date and so did he.

Fast forward, Travis (insert heart eyes emoji) and I start going on dates (yes he picked me up, paid, we have a blast doing crazy things like gardening and park double dates, drove me back home, and walked me to the door – every single time). I started overthinking it as it picked up the pace and titles became attached like “what if we don’t last” “what if I’m not good enough for him” “maybe I should just talk to someone else that’s in my comfort zone” etc.

But before I could even make a solution to the problem, he already had one for me. I’ll never forget the walk that started it all. He set a standard for the relationship from there on. I didn’t have to do a thing nor can I walk all over him because he’s not a weak guy. Kind of like Ruth in the Bible. She didn’t waltz around and try to tell Boaz how to lead. Nor did she have to CHASE Boaz. He pursued her (yes she had help from her mother in law, but that’s another blog), lead her, and ADDED to her growth personally and spiritually.

Yes I said spiritually. This is the first time I’m being lead closer to God. I’m learning that I need more than someone who just goes to church on Sunday, maybe even Bible Study on Wednesday. I want someone who has a growing relationship with Him. That is really chasing after Him, that hears from Him, and wants to grow in God together. Someone that goes beyond saying they respect my abstinence, but always has his hands all over me (yeah he shut my kisses down for now lol).

Moral of the story, stop overthinking. If I would have let my thoughts get the best of me, I would have missed out of the biggest challenge and blessing of a young man. So stop overthinking. This is just an example, but I have so many more. Whether you’re overthinking your weight, your hair, your relationship, your friendships, or your decisions. STOP. Give it to GOD and trust He’ll work it out. He will. It may not come in the package you’re used to, but He always works it out for your good – I can promise you that.

Just a few Scriptures to meditate on:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future… You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” – Jeremiah 29:11,13

“And we know that in all things (good and bad) God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

“Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him” – Proverbs 3:5-6

I love you and God does too!

Cherise 🙂

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Your Self Love Letter

You deserve something GOOD

I thought I would write you a love letter just to remind you who you are and what you deserve..

You were born as an original. Not meant to be compared to Beyonce, Rihanna, your friends, your Instagram, or your family. You were born to be different, to stand out among those who surround you. You weren’t meant to fit in with everybody, so don’t worry if you feel like people just don’t get you. They aren’t always supposed to.

You won’t get everything right the first time. So stop trying to be perfect. It will all work out. Just do your best. Stop worrying about what other people think of you. They don’t have a Heaven or hell to put you in. Be YOU. Again, you aren’t a copy – but an original. You won’t be able to please everybody. Many times people want you to do what works in their favor as well, but many times it won’t.

Don’t be afraid of following your dreams. You have big ideas. Some you can’t even talk to with anyone else because you’re afraid they won’t understand. Talk to God about it. He’ll allow you to release it in due time. Don’t rush it. You get ahead of yourself because you get so excited, but remember, HE gave it to you for the right season. Every time an idea pops into your head is not the right season. Understand that you won’t be able to share it with everyone you know. People won’t like you for it. People may even walk away from you because they think it should have been them that God gave the idea to. People won’t show up after telling you they would come and support. Don’t trip, just stay prayed up.

You deserve something good. Your friendships shouldn’t be constantly filled with drama and draining. They should be uplifting and breed happiness. You’ll have ups and downs and even fall out of contact – but nothing can destroy true friendship. If your circle isn’t making you better, you’re probably in the wrong circle.

Your relationship shouldn’t drain you. You deserve to be happy. You deserve someone who treats you like a queen and not someone your constantly concerned if they’re cheating or lying etc. You are worth the wait so any guy who questions that, doesn’t deserve you. You need to learn to compromise. You won’t always get your way, but that’s the beauty of give and take. Be OPEN. Every guy won’t come complete with everything on your list of standards. Be willing to get to know them. “Walk like a queen and your king will come”

Put God first! He’ll guide you. He’ll never leave you. He’ll be there on the nights you can’t think of anything else to do but cry into your pillow. He’ll be there when lonely nights hit. He’ll be there when you accomplish that goal, don’t forget to thank Him. He’ll be there when your life is going up and you can’t be happier. When you mess up, don’t run from Him, run to Him. He’s your safe haven. Love Him over everything.

Your beautiful and I love you.