God Can Still Use YOU!

You’ve had sex. You aren’t as truthful as you want to be. You’ve watched porn. You’ve cheated. You cuss a lot. You got pregnant at an early age. You had an abortion. You were abused. You were a stripper. You were molested. You’re not the “typical” shouting, praying in tongues, Scripture quoting, deep Christian. You don’t have to be.

GOD HAS NOT THROWN YOU AWAY! A lot of times people run from God because they feel like they aren’t clean or perfect enough for God. I thought the same thing. I came to God at 14 with a lot of baggage: I had daddy issues, I had almost been molested by a guy I trusted, I was watching porn frequently, I had a huge self-confidence issue, and I was super close to turning to sex to fulfill the voids in my heart. On top of that I was outwardly arrogant and I lied for no reason.

I’m far from perfect as you can see. But God still chose to use me. An imperfect being who had no clue how to build a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Jesus uses the BROKEN. Regardless of what you’ve done or been through…. He can still use you, mold you, heal you, and yes forgive you. He still and will always LOVE you in spite of it all.

So now what? Talk to Him. You don’t have to know how to speak in tongues to talk to Him either. Just be honest and genuine. He unlike humans, doesn’t expect you to have it all together or know what to say. He just wants to hear from you. He wants to spend time with you like any relationship or friendship you have – even if in the beginning it’s only for 10-15 minutes a day. From there start reading your Bible (there are great reading plans on YouVersion, try different translations like NLT or MSG). Journal, sing, worship, whatever it is that gets you closer to him.

Surrender your heart to Him today, there’s no better time than now.


A Broken and Now Healed Vessel


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