Sacrifice and Obedience

I woke up this morning, a few short days after being introduced to this college life (it’s great lol) and started reading a daily devotional. I came across an article that talked about the great faith and obedience Abraham had. If you have never read the story please read Genesis 22:1-13. I’ll summarize:
Abraham had one son, Isaac. God told him to take a three day trip, go up on the mountain, and offer Isaac as a burnt sacrifice to Him. Abraham did exactly what God asked of Him. He was hurting of course. No one wants to sacrifice their son, but He loved God more and He wanted God’s will over his own. 
Interestingly enough, Abraham told the two young boys he asked to assist him on this journey “stay here the donkey; the lad and I will go yonder and worship, and we will come back to you” (Genesis 22:4-5 NKJV). And both Abraham and Isaac came back from the mountain. 
You may be thinking, why did Cherise choose to blog about this? Because Abraham was OBEDIENT. And that’s the area I struggle with and I know many reading these words do as well. Abraham didn’t go his own way, stay at his home chillin’ with his family while God spoke to him. And please don’t get confused and think Abraham didn’t love and value his son. He did, but he loved God enough to trust Him. 
If we’re honest with ourselves for a moment… Do we really have the faith and trust in God that we say we do? We sing “I’ll trust You, Lord it’s not easy”, but when we hear God telling us to cut that relationship or friendship off – we turn in the other direction and keep moving forward. God will tell us to stop being bitter over what happened to us but we’ll continue being spiteful and angry because the pain hurts just too deep. (But wasn’t the pain deep enough for Jesus who spent hours on the cross dying so we could be connected with the same God who told you to cut it off or stop acting like you do?)
Ladies and Gentleman, If you take nothing else away from this blog.. Know that God WILL lead you out of your comfort zone. BUT He has a plan. We trust Beyonce will deliver an amazing performance at the VMAs but we don’t trust that God will provide everything we need. Just as Abraham knew that God would bring he and Isaac back, we have to trust that God has a plan even He tells us to sacrifice things we love. 
I love you and so does He,
P.S. Email me if you ever want to talk, or want me to pray for you specifically, I like people lol.

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