Stay In Your Lane

How many times do we scroll down our timelines on Instagram or Twitter and think “She just looks so happy. She has a man, she dresses super cute, she has a nice car, money seems like it’s just flowing in?” We begin to look down on ourselves and feel like we’re missing something because “so and so” has this or “so and so” has that. We compare our level 5 to someone else’s level 20. Social media is a highlight reel of our best moments. We usually don’t show the moments when we’re in our beds crying because it seems like life is too much, when the test don’t come back with an A, or bae is acting up. For those of us in ministry, we compare how many people come to Bible Study when we teach vs. Minister so and so. Or how many retweets we get when we’re “twitter preaching” versus some internet celebrity. Most people show the moments when we get an internship unexpectedly, or when bae brings us flowers and chocolate, or when our grades are up to par.

My eyes were opened today after being taught on the parable of the talents in the Bible (read Matthew 25:14-30 NLT). To summarize, the lord (not God) gave each man a set number of talents (responsibilities). Two of the men doubled what they were given, the third man buried his talent because he was too afraid to use and multiply what he was given. I want to focus on the two men who doubled what they were given for just a second. What if those men had look over at the other and said “man, I’m doing too much. I have 5 things and ol’ boy only gave you two”. Or if the man with two said “Am I not good enough to have more than two responsibilities? He has five. I’m not good enough for 5 obviously”. We all have different gifts, talents, responsibilities, etc that are brought to the light at different times. I wrote brought to the light because everything that God has promised you (those dreams, the vision He gave you years ago, the gift of singing you know you have but things aren’t moving like you think it should) are being prepared and developed in the dark so He can prepare you for people to see your highlight reel and be inspired by your life.

I say all of that to say: STAY IN YOUR LANE. You are fearfully and wonderfully made so the next time you see another beautiful young lady, don’t compare yourself to her beauty. Compliment her and know that you too are beautiful and made in His image. The next time you think you’re not good enough because you’re the only one in your circle of friends without a man, remember God made EVERYTHING good, including you. The next time you are tempted to look at someone’s Twitter page and compare yourself to them, know God’s portion for you is more than enough. So be content with yourself. We mess up because we try to make someone else’s “fearfully and wonderfully” madeness our own. We try to do what they’re doing and expect the same results they’re getting. But we won’t. Why? Because that’s not our lane. The things God has for you is for you, and ONLY you.

Know God loves you and so do I!


Cherise 🙂

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