Stop Second Guessing

If we’re honest with ourselves, we second guess 99.9% of everything that we do. From the simple things like our outfit for the day to our college major. We spend days, weeks, and years pondering over if we’re doing the right thing, wearing the right thing, put on enough makeup, or are dating the right person. Have you ever thought about how much energy that takes? How much energy it takes to be in your feekings all night trying to dissect every part of that situation? (I don’t even need to give you an example because one just popped up in your head). We spend so much valuable time trying to figure out how things are going to shape out instead of giving it all to the Being who made time itself. The Being who knows how everything is going to work out for you.

So I ask you… When are you going to stop trying to plan out every minute detail of your life and give it to God? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being goal oriented and planning out my life; but there are some things that are too big for me to worry about. That thing that keeps you up at night, give it to Him. And I’m not talking about saying “God, I’m giving such and such over to you to deal with” but two minutes later you’re trying to figure out a plan for what you just prayed for, It’s time out for all of that. We can’t expect for God to work if we’re always trying to do his job. How would you feel if everything you started trying to help someone build their home, you came back the next day to nothing. They tore down everything you created – yet you have the blueprint that’s amazing! You would probably think either they didn’t like the design or that they could do it by themselves (which we know a non-architect cannot). So today I challenge you to stop doing this to God, He wants to help you carry that load. He wants to see you win and prosper. So cast all your cares, worries, stresses, and problems over to Him foreal this time.

Love you beautiful,

Cherise 🙂

P.S. Allow yourself to let things flow and just get to know people before you start second guessing. You may miss out on a great friend or even more if you don’t.