Everybody Won’t Be “The One”

This blog is a little harder for me to write because it is something I’ve struggled with for the longest. For those who know me, you know one of my favorite words is standards. Probably because the one of best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was “have standards and stick to them”. But what happens when you meet that guy or that girl who meets seemingly all of your standards from making you laugh to loving Jesus to being super respectful of your morals and values. You’ve been telling everybody and their mom that he or she is “the one”. You’re so excited you’ve been making wedding plans. You already know your bridesmaids, your colors, and the season in which it will occur. Of course you had this all figured out within a month’s timespan (because of course you’ve only known him for a month).

But what happens when something happens? When “the one” starts showing his true colors and you’re in disbelief. It’s like “I’ve known him for three weeks and he just seemed so sweet and like he could never be arrogant or disrespectful” or “I mean he said he went to church so I just assumed he read the Bible, spoke in tongues, and knows how to shout too” lol (that made me laugh). But really. Often times we get so caught up in being infatuated with having someone that we forget to really get to know that someone. We get so excited with having someone to share how our day went, future plans, new excitements, and even our struggles that we fail to divulge into their character. We start planning before preparing.

One of blogs was titled “This Is Just a Taste”. And I spoke about the idea that somethings (and people too) are only a taste of what is to come. Some people are simply to prepare you for greater. If we apply this to education.. Though high school is often annoying and the work seems pointless it is truly a preparation for college. Without a high school diploma or GED you cannot attend a college or university. See the process? So lets think about that process in terms of relationships. If you would have never gone through that relationship you wouldn’t know the things you do know. You learned things about yourself, what you want, what you don’t know, you made mistakes, you had good times, and you learned that that person is not the “one”.

With all of that being said, one thing I’ve learned over the past few days is to enjoy the time you have with the person who could either be the “one” or the person who could be leading you to that person. I far too often have let amazing people slip away because I thought because “they won’t be my husband so I don’t have time” when in fact they would have made great friends. Don’t be so quick to cut him off (snip snip lol) if he’s not everything he could be yet, but he’s working. Even if he isn’t the one, he could teach you something ;).

I love you beautiful,

Cherise 🙂


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