She’s A Lady

Some of you may not enjoy this post so much. Why? Because I’m about to be brutally honest. Not because I want anyone to feel any kind of way, but because I want you to be your best self. I want you to understand why you have to be careful what you indulge in and why. I want who you envision yourself being in 10 years to be who you become now. So here we go..

You never got the chance to fully get to know yourself because everyone around you told you so many conflicting views of who you should be. You were told you were pretty, but you weren’t told to close your legs. You were told you were had a coca-cola frame, but you weren’t told that public puffs of blunts may make guys dm you but not treat you as their Queen. You saw too much too soon so you tried to act like you were 21 at 16. You confuse feelings of independence with rebelling against the morals you never got the chance to have. You keep damaging your reputation because you don’t know how to “hold your liquor”. But in real life, you don’t know how to hold your ladyhood.

The guys you mess with are temporary. And unfortunately, they are just “messing” with you. They talk to you, but they avoid talking about relationship and commitment with you. Because you’re good enough to smash, but you have yet to tap into your ladyhood, so you’re just another B**** to them. You wonder why you’re constantly fighting for his attention, because you’re smart but you don’t even show him that side. You dress like everyone else. You’re language doesn’t show anything different that any other girl. But you know you were born different.

You deserve to turn heads when you walk in. Those heads won’t just turn because you’re beautiful but for the aura and invisible crown upon your head. Heads will turn because you’re so confident in who you are that you don’t need anyone but God to affirm you. I only write these things because turning up the bottle won’t make you a Queen just as going to church won’t make you believe. But I want you to become the Lady God created you to be. You want to have an influence, so start now. You want to be called elegant, classy, and different. Yeah there will be people who will remind you of your past, ignore them. There will be tons of temptation to do what you used to, try to stay out of those situations. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to the lady in you waiting to be brought out. I’m not asking you to start in 2015, I’m asking you to start today.

“You’re a girl by birth. A woman by maturity and a Lady by choice…Watching her commanded an Oscar – she was a full-length motion picture…Did her mere presence not influence a nation?” – Enitan Bereola II, Gentlewoman

I love you Lady,



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