A Queen Will Never Have to Audition for Her Position

The story of Adam and Eve is widely known and associated with the creation of man and woman. How God created Adam and then gave him Eve as He pulled her from Adam’s rib. But Heather Lindsey (click to be directed to her website) made me look at the story a different way. Have you ever wondered why a lot of women chase guys? Chase their attention instead of allowing the guy to pursue them wholeheartedly… Eve didn’t have to do a thing to get Adam. She didn’t plot on his every move to make sure she was seen. She didn’t just come up and start twerking on him at the party she only went to because she knew he was going to be in attendance. Eve was just created. The word created is so powerful because it exhilarates purpose. Eve was created for Adam. She didn’t have to thrust herself on him or audition for her role. So why are you auditioning for a guy who probably isn’t meant to even be yours? You’re up here trying to do the most to get him and he’s not even into you. You think that because you’re buying him things, talking to him late at night, taking weekend trips to go see him that he’ll start seeing you as the one he’s supposed to be with. Meanwhile, you’re forsaking the opportunity to focus on yourself and wait on someone who you won’t have to “prove” yourself to. He’ll know you. Adam didn’t question Eve when he saw her. He didn’t ask, “are you my wife?” He knew. Know that the guy God has for you will know you when He sees you. Stop trying to prove yourself to a man. Am I saying stop getting cute, doing your hair and nails, makeup, etc? No. I’m saying forcing yourself on someone or having the goal of being seen by “the right guy” won’t get you too far. The best things in life are often unexpected.

Queen, you will never have to audition for a part that has already been predestined for you.

I Iove you Queen,



Damaged But Not Destroyed

It’s hard to move on when you’ve been hurt. You became bitter, angry, and protective over the little bit of love or feelings you have. You were made to feel as though the words and people who damaged you, destroyed you. The molestation, the humiliation, the lies, the cheating, the abuse, the lack of attention. It all damaged you. But the amazing part is, damaged goods are still in demand. You aren’t any less of a person because you’ve been hurt. You aren’t any less of a person because someone wronged you in a way you couldn’t control.

You aren’t destroyed because he/she hurt you. Your “building” may have been demolished because it had a shaky foundation, but the awesome part about watching buildings be torn apart is that usually months later, something new, beautiful, and better comes up after it. In the city of Detroit homes that were once burned to the ground are being restored. Buildings that were once vacant, are now filled to capacity. Constructors are now putting a more sturdy foundation on the home so the elaborate designs won’t be a waste when a storm comes. This time around the storm won’t break you down. The storm won’t take away what you’ve built, it may only remove the debris you refuse to sweep up.
You were made to think that because you didn’t come from the best home nothing good would come out of you. You might have been led to think by church people or family that because you had (have) sex that you would never find a good man/woman. You were made to think that the abortion you had would make Jesus forget you forever. The truth is, you are damaged – but Jesus loves the damaged. He loves those who are broken. He loves those who come to Him just as they are – hurt and all. He wants all of you. He wants to make you WHOLE. You are Just like a pot made of clay that has been broken. Some of you may think you’re whole, but the situations you’ve been in have left so many voids and cracks that you’ve filled with so much that didn’t work. So try Him. I did.
I used to be a real mess (I still am). I was trying everything I could to fill a hole that only He could fill. Why? Because I didn’t realize how damaged I was and I wanted any quick fix to my problem – even if it just made me surface happy for a few minutes. The lovely thing about God is that He wants to give you joy, something that no one or nothing can take away. He wants to give you peace beyond all understanding. He wants to give you favor that will open doors you can’t even imagine. But you have to look beyond your brokenness to let Him in. He’s waiting on You. And He, unlike others, isn’t phased by your flaws. He doesn’t care what you’ve done or what you’re doing. He just wants to ensure where you’re going.

I love you and so does He,


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What Happened to the Sparkles?

Congratulations! You made it to 2015, the year of divine opportunity. And I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I started this post off saying “congratulations”… Well sometime during this year you will need someone to say congratulations or say that they are proud of you. You will need someone to encourage you when people don’t believe in the dreams you tell them about. You may have thought that 2015 would start off with a bang. You just knew that opportunities would open up as soon as the clock struck twelve; but somehow, they didn’t. And if you’re being truthful with yourself – you’re disappointed. Or maybe 2015 started perfectly. You started off the year with the people you love, you were motivated and excited… but suddenly things just stopped. It was like everything dropped at once and now you’re questioning whether or not this is your year.

Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples writes this in 1 Peter 4:12-13 “Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you. Instead, be very glad – for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to the world”. During the time Peter wrote this, he and the other disciples were being bashed for preaching. But in this passage he’s essentially telling us to enjoy those trials because they are only a sign of God’s approval of what you’re doing. You’re being tested. But it’s not about the test. It’s about how you act during the test. But the amazing part about tests is that they end.

But you don’t believe me. “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns” (Philippians 1:6). And yes, the tests are just apart of the “good work” that He’s doing in you. The sparkles didn’t leave your life. They didn’t run at the sight of 2015 – they are just waiting for you to get out of your feelings, focus, and start creating what you want to see in your life. God put the sparkles inside of you before you were even thought of, so stop listening to the thoughts of others who can’t seem to see the sparkles in their own lives. It’s time for you to start sparkling, because it’s YOUR year. It’s YOUR year because you’re going to prosper inspite of the doors that didn’t open (that door wasn’t ordained for you), the people that may leave your life, and the people who won’t believe. If God says it shall be, trust me it WILL be. And in case no one else tells you anytime soon, I’m proud of you and so is He.

I love you,


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