A Queen Will Never Have to Audition for Her Position

The story of Adam and Eve is widely known and associated with the creation of man and woman. How God created Adam and then gave him Eve as He pulled her from Adam’s rib. But Heather Lindsey (click to be directed to her website) made me look at the story a different way. Have you ever wondered why a lot of women chase guys? Chase their attention instead of allowing the guy to pursue them wholeheartedly… Eve didn’t have to do a thing to get Adam. She didn’t plot on his every move to make sure she was seen. She didn’t just come up and start twerking on him at the party she only went to because she knew he was going to be in attendance. Eve was just created. The word created is so powerful because it exhilarates purpose. Eve was created for Adam. She didn’t have to thrust herself on him or audition for her role. So why are you auditioning for a guy who probably isn’t meant to even be yours? You’re up here trying to do the most to get him and he’s not even into you. You think that because you’re buying him things, talking to him late at night, taking weekend trips to go see him that he’ll start seeing you as the one he’s supposed to be with. Meanwhile, you’re forsaking the opportunity to focus on yourself and wait on someone who you won’t have to “prove” yourself to. He’ll know you. Adam didn’t question Eve when he saw her. He didn’t ask, “are you my wife?” He knew. Know that the guy God has for you will know you when He sees you. Stop trying to prove yourself to a man. Am I saying stop getting cute, doing your hair and nails, makeup, etc? No. I’m saying forcing yourself on someone or having the goal of being seen by “the right guy” won’t get you too far. The best things in life are often unexpected.

Queen, you will never have to audition for a part that has already been predestined for you.

I Iove you Queen,



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