Enjoy the Ride

As I was reflecting on my previous relationships or “talkships” the other day I realized a lot. It’s so important to reflect, because without reflection there is no growth. Without that reflection I would not have seen that I really wasn’t having fun. I was trying to so hard to find a good relationship that I was busy checking things off my list.

I had this idea of the perfect relationship and that’s what I chased after. But I didn’t find it. I would rush in because I wanted to get to the “good part” of it. I wanted cute thoughtful dates that didn’t cost a ton. I wanted And I wanted someone to tell my goals to without being judged or put down for them. I wanted someone that I could share my faith with. Someone that I could be myself with. Someone that it would just be fluid and fun with.

I know I say this all the time, but stop settling for someone that you know isn’t for you. By doing so you’re putting off the person that God has for you (and them) by occupying time that isn’t really even yours. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good people, that just means they aren’t for you. Don’t let your past make you believe that you cannot have the guy of your dreams. Nor allow your future to make you believe that if you stay with them they’ll change or grow into the person you want them to be.

So, get to know people. Dating is simply the process of finding the person you’re meant to be with. So don’t commit before you really get to know them. All their quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. A great friend of mine “No need to rush anything. It’s best to take things slow, relax, and enjoy the journey. Don’t worry so much about the destination that you forget to enjoy yourself”.

I love you and so does He,

Cherise 🙂


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