Time’s Up 

​You walk into a car dealership not really knowing what you want. After about an hour of searching a car finally pops out at you. You test drive it, play with the features a little bit, and decide that it fits your current lifestyle. You don’t do a lot of long distance driving and you prefer cars with low maintenance. You decide to lease it because you may want something different or be in a different phase of life down the road. Let’s fast forward 3 years once your lease is up. You have the option of getting a new car or renewing the lease you have. You like the car because the seats are comfy and the sound system is great (plus it has the AUX cord). But you constantly have to take it to the shop, it doesn’t ride as smooth, and it’s horrible on gas.​Unfortunately, this sounds like a lot of our lives (yes I did a car metaphorJ). Are there areas of your life where the lease is up? You’ve been holding on to friendships, relationships, and situations for far too long – but letting go seems harder than holding on. Your excuse is “but we’ve been friends for years, we have so many memories, she’s just going through a lot that’s why she treats me like that” or “he’s a really good guy he just isn’t ready for a relationship right now”. The reality is if you’ve been talking for a year and he doesn’t have a plan for the two of you, he’s probably weighing his options while he’s already made his decision. Real men don’t play games baby girl. And just because you’ve been friends with people for years doesn’t mean they’re equipped to go into the next season with you. We love putting seasonal people in lifetime positions.

​We pray and pray for God to reveal the people that need to be removed from our lives but we CHOOSE to ignore the signs He sends us. God knows what He’s doing. He knows that if you’re still connected to them, you won’t thrive like He envisions, and truthfully – you do too. So let it go. It’s not that they aren’t good people, they just aren’t good for you. Don’t be so uncertain of what’s to come that you refuse to let what’s not working, go. Will it be challenging? Of course. But I would much rather have the car that’s right for me, than ride around in one that isn’t beneficial and isn’t going in the right direction.
I love you and so does He,
Cherise ❤️