How do I prove I’m worth it? Because it seems like your words don’t match your actions. And I know you’re a neo in this dating life but I don’t want my heart waiting in traffic for a closed exit. I don’t see what they see in you. Part of me wants to listen to what they see, but when everyone said “he’s a great guy, go for him” in the past it didn’t work. So I want to take a chance. See, your past doesn’t bother me. Neither does your reputation.

The only thing that bothers me is that you don’t pursue. Maybe no one taught you that being my occasional pen pal via text messages wouldn’t make me yours. Or that flirting with me in public won’t make me feel as special as the other girls. Because I don’t want you for what you are, but who you are and who you have the potential to be. I want to do life with you so pardon me if my expectations require more of you.

And some may say my standards are too high. Or that I’m looking for marriage before the relationship. But that’s not it. I just know I get too invested, and sometimes without a return. So I would rather be your friend and not your convenience buddy until you’re ready to settle down senior year.


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