My Story

I am an inperfect being who serves a loving, graceful, and perfect God.

I start with that because often times we look up to preachers, motivational speakers, and mentors as the “be all end all”. I’ve had struggles. I haven’t always loved God like I should have. I’ve acted like He didn’t exist and done whatever it is that I wanted to do not understanding that it’s His Will that really allows me to thrive.

So here it goes..

I was raised by my mother who sacrificed more than I could ever explain. She made sure I studied hard, participated in extra-curricular activities, and went to church. From an early age I knew I loved God, but I didn’t know HOW to love God. I knew how to sing in the choir, usher, and say the morning announcements. But I did not know how to have a relationship with Him. Because of this, I struggled. I struggled to find my identity. I searched for attention wherever I could find it. My grades were good, but my heart was hardened. I borderline hated my father because he wasn’t in my life. I was bossy because I was longing for someone, anyone besides my mom and grandmother to pay attention to me. I struggled with my self-esteem because deep down I did not think I was pretty enough, smart enough, or “cool” enough. But GOD.

I went to a summer program called REVERSE that absolutely changed my life. It truly reversed my mindset. I left the week long experience with a new fire and love for God, burdens of anger, depression, self-esteem issues, and so much more released off of my life. But most importantly I left with a RELATIONSHIP with my Creator.

Don’t think I became a “saint” though. I struggled with guys and settling for less than I deserved, not trusting God foreal, doubting the Promises and purpose that He gave me, and self-esteem still.

I blog, not because I want to tell to tell the world how great I am, because I’m not. I blog to encourage anyone, especially young ladies, that God CAN and WILL change your life. No it won’t always be easy, and being different will set you apart from your “friends” and even sometimes your family. But it’s worth it. And in case no one has ever told you, you’re worth it too.

I love you and God does too,

Cherise 🙂

@LadyAmbitious_ (Instagram and Twitter)


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